We’re experienced, local, and know how to find the right deal and close that deal.   

Around the world, real estate is still one of the most rewarding investments. Los Cabos, Mexico is no exception; there’s a big market for luxury real estate here. Whether you want to invest or to live in your new dream home yourself, you can always find a property that suits your needs and budget.

To find it, hire a local real estate industry expert who will protect your interests and assets. This means hiring someone who thoroughly knows the local market and will smoothly guide you through the assessment and buying process.

As in the U.S., a good relationship with the right person and team is essential to stress-free property buying. But this relationship with professionals you can trust is even more important when you’re not already familiar with a country’s laws, regulations, and culture.

Find an agent with local Cabo roots.

When you buy property in Los Cabos, find a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about the area, who can inform you about local market conditions and trends, and who knows how to get deals done in Mexico. Your agent must also be licensed locally. If you choose Cabo Life Real Estate, you will be working with realtors who have lived in and served the Cabo community for more than ten years and who own property in Cabo themselves.

There’s a lot to see and do in Los Cabos, so buying property here will put you in the middle of the action. As longtime residents ourselves, we will happily share all there is to know about the local food, culture, and communities of Los Cabos. Our team includes local business owners who have a lengthy history with the Los Cabos community.

Find a Los Cabos realtor who specializes in the market that interests you.

Choose a real estate agent who specializes in what you want to buy, like luxury homes. An experienced agent will know the local trends, guide you through the available properties and paperwork requirements, recommend financing options, and help you find the home or investment that meets your requirements and fits your budget.

At Cabo Life Real Estate, all of our agents have at least five years of experience in real estate. We have extensive knowledge of the high-end real estate market of Los Cabos and excellent negotiating skills. We will explain important terms and processes like fideicomiso, what to expect during the closing, the nuances of paying your property taxes, your financing options, and so on.

Find someone you can work with.

Interview a few agents before making your decision. Go with someone you like and get along with. At Cabo Life Real Estate, we offer honesty, integrity, trust — and dedication. We are your friends throughout the buying process and after the deal has been closed. As we always say: “Our clients become our friends, our friends become our clients, and our friends are treated like family.”

Here are some of the questions you might ask a prospective agent:

  • How long have you worked in the real estate industry? In Mexico and Los Cabos specifically?
  • Are you licensed to operate locally?
  • Can you provide references?
  • What’s the area like where the property is located? (Los Cabos incorporates a large area, so be specific about your needs. Do you dream of a peaceful town with tranquil beaches — or of a thriving nightlife and bustling restaurant scene?)
  • Is the price negotiable?
  • Do any zoning laws apply? (The answer to this question will alert you to possible changes in the neighborhood that may affect property values.)
  • Does the property have any disadvantages or health or safety problems I should be aware of (problems with air quality, noise, toxic elements like lead and mold, etc.)?
  • What are my closing costs as a buyer or seller?
  • Do I have to be present at the closing?
  • How do I send money for my home purchase in Mexico?
  • What are my rights as a buyer?
  • What kind of visa do I need to buy a property?

Buying a home anywhere can be an intimidating process, especially if you are doing so in a foreign country. To help you navigate it, you need a trusted adviser and counselor, a realtor who faithfully represents your interests and negotiates on your behalf to get you the best possible price. From the moment of first contact to the moment you’re handed the keys, your real estate agent should be right there with you, facilitating your search and decisions with solid knowledge, thorough preparation, and sound professional advice.

Browse our latest listings of luxury homes for sale throughout the Los Cabos region, or contact our agents to discuss your real estate investment goals.