Alejandro (Ali) Odoñez

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent, Entrepreneur, Family Man, 25-Year Resident of Los Cabos

I have a passion for life, my family, work, and nature. I think of myself as a well-rounded, centered individual who lives from the heart. Having resided in five countries, it is very easy for me to relate to anyone regardless of their background.  

During my first five years in Cabo, I worked in the hotel and restaurant industry. I then collaborated with my wife and life partner to create a luxury property, hospitality, vacation rental, and lifestyle management company. We have enjoyed great success, and working in real estate is a natural extension of what I do.

I look forward to working with you to find the perfect investment or new home and to becoming lifelong friends. I am always here to chat with you or to join you in surfing, hiking, eating, or, as we like to say in the Caribbean, “liming.”