Buying a luxury house in Los Cabos means that you have access to some of the best that Mexico has to offer in food, art, and festivals.

Stunning blue waters, a diverse and vibrant food scene, and unique architecture are just a few of the reasons that Los Cabos is one of the most popular places to buy a luxury home in Mexico. Add an epic lineup of year-round golf tournaments, fishing tournaments, and art and music festivals, and you’ll never want to leave. Here’s a glimpse of things to eat, drink, and do in Los Cabos.

Local Food and Farming in Cabo

Cabo is packed with restaurants, cafes, and food stands that offer all the local delicacies as well as global cuisine — from casual and fast food to high-end and gourmet. Unsurprisingly, the local cuisine depends heavily on seafood. As one of the most sought-after bastions of luxury living in Mexico, Los Cabos caters to food lovers from around the world. The offerings are comparable to what you might find in many major North American cities. The global trend of farm-to-table fare is also evident in Los Cabos. Travelers are looking for more seasonal, local, and sustainable ingredients on restaurant menus, and Cabo delivers. Cabo is a prime spot for farming, particularly organic farming. Its location is especially suitable. The foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains, where Cabo receives plenty of rain and sunshine, provide a plentiful growing season that is also abetted by excellent irrigation systems. The nearby towns of Santiago and Miraflores are known for their organic farms, and the village of Los Barriles, north of Cabo on Baja’s East Cape, is known for its fishing. The abundance of fresh vegetation produced along the foothills of the mountain range feeds all of Cabo. Baja California produces about 70 percent of Mexico’s wine. Over a hundred wineries lie along La Ruta del Vino — the Wine Route, in the Valle de Guadalupe in northern Baja — which is why Valle de Guadalupe has been called the Napa Valley of Mexico. The thousand-foot elevation and Mediterranean microclimate of the region are ideal for growing the grapes used to make red wines. These wines end up in Cabo, earning it recognition as a global mecca for the beverage.

Popular Local Dishes We Recommend

Shrimp and fish tacos. Fresh and classic, in Cabo the seafood comes with salsa, coleslaw, local vegetables, and special seasoning, and the fish is usually fried in batter. All that goodness is wrapped in a corn tortilla. Comida de pobres. “Poor people’s food” is a hearty seafood soup that also contains beans and Mexican rice. It is served with flour tortillas. Chocolate clams. Big and meaty, these clams are called “chocolate” for their brown shells. Chocolate clams are typically roasted on a stone bed and covered in rosemary. But many local chefs experiment with sauces and spices when preparing them. Tamales de guemes and tamales fajados de pollo. Guemes tamales can be found all over the Baja California Peninsula. Another Cabo staple is chicken tamales fajados: corn dough filled with seasoned and stewed chicken wrapped in a corn husk. Tamales de guemes are also made from corn dough and wrapped in corn husks. Olives, raisins, and olive oil are often added as well. Wash it all down with the locally popular clamato (clam and tomato juice) or Damiana Liqueur, a digestive drink made from the damiana plant, cane alcohol, and sugar.

Favorite Eateries of Los Cabos

Popular local restaurants we recommend include:

Acre. Tucked in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo, Acre is set on 25 acres of lush greenery and features an indoor-outdoor blend of exciting amenities. These include a hotel, villas, treehouses, and an organic farm; spaces for private events; an award-winning bar and restaurant; a diner, Fausto’s (open for breakfast and brunch until 2 p.m.); and The Blue Room, a private dining space for groups looking for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.

Edith’s. Named after the restaurant’s owner, Edith Jiménez, Edith’s is a charming spot with thatched ceilings and rustic wooden tables located near Médano Beach. The food combines Baja with the rustic cuisine of the owner’s hometown in the mountains of Guerrero. Chile poblano, handmade tortillas, fresh seafood, and excellent steaks are among the restaurant’s specialties.

El Farallon. Tucked into the cliffs of Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal, El Farralon (“The Cliff”) overlooks the Pacific Ocean and features a high-end ocean-to-table menu.

Flora Farm. It doesn’t get more farm-to-table than Flora Farms, a 25-acre organic working farm in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in San Jose del Cabo. Make a day of it by touring the farm, shopping at the on-premises grocery store, taking cooking classes, indulging in the nature-based spa services, and enjoying a craft cocktail at the bar or a seasonal feast at the on-site restaurant, Flora’s Field Kitchen.

La Lupita. Located in San José del Cabo’s buzzing Old Town, La Lupita gives you a taste of the real Mexico. The courtyard has a busy bar that slings La Lupita’s famous margaritas and tamarind martinis. The menu is ruled by tacos, both classic and with modern twists like pastor (marinated pork). There is also live music.

Los Tamarindos. An organic farm and restaurant just a mile from the Sea of Cortez and the estuary of San Jose del Cabo, Los Tamarindos is based in a nineteenth-century farmhouse that once grew sugar cane. From chicken to salsa to pesto to vegetables, everything on the menu comes from the farm, and the fish is caught daily by the local fishermen.

Restaurante Los Tres Gallos. The family-owned Restaurante Los Tres Gallos (“The Three Roosters”) is located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas and serves traditional Mexican food based on venerable family recipes that go back generations. Enjoy the hand-rolled tortillas, housemate salsas, and generous portions of favorites like enchiladas in a lovely hacienda-style courtyard.

Seven Seas Seafood Grille. Seafood is king at the palapa-shaded beachside Seven Sea, located at the boutique Cabo Surf Hotel on Acapulquito Beach. One highlight of the menu is chocolate clams. Seven Seas also features live jazz.

SUR Beach House. As the name suggests, SUR is the kind of restaurant — chic yet laid-back — where you don’t have to wear your shoes. It features daily DJs, an open-air dining room, views of Médano Beach, and an international menu of beach-friendly fare with a focus on seafood.

The Office on the Beach. The Office is famed for its fresh seafood, beach setting, and live music. It started in the pre-tourist 70s as a small kitchen and bar on the beach, mostly serving the locals, and it hasn’t let up since. Expect simple, delicious fare that’s heavy on seafood. And lots of margaritas.

Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar. Overlooking the beautiful surroundings of Punta Ballena, this restaurant features a ceviche bar, small plates for sharing, grilled entrées, and an impressive selection of signature cocktails and Latin wines. The patio faces the ocean and is a great spot for whale watching. Acclaimed chef and restaurateur Richard Sandoval — whose company Richard Sandoval Hospitality has dozens of Latin-American–inspired restaurants worldwide — is responsible for Toro’s blend of pan-Latin cuisine with South American, Japanese, and Chinese influences.

Our Favorite Festivals in Cabo

Cabo has art events and music and culture festivals throughout the year. Throw in a healthy dose of golf and fishing tournaments, and you’ve got something going on pretty much every weekend.

Sabor a Cabo Food and Wine Festival. Typically held around in early December, Sabor a Cabo is massive food and wine festival that brings together chefs from over 60 of the best local restaurants, as well as representatives from domestic wineries and tequila and mezcal distilleries. This festival draws thousands of attendees and big musical acts.

Fiestas Tradicionales de San José del Cabo. This two-week festival is held every March in honor of the patron saint San José. It features live music, parades, food, drink, and dancing.

Cabo Marine Show. Thousands of visitors from Mexico and all over the world attend this May event to watch the boat parades and learn more about Mexico’s marine and boat industry.

Fiesta de la Música. Held annually on the summer solstice, this international event celebrates local music.

Independence Day. Mexican independence is celebrated every September 16 in cities and towns throughout Mexico. On September 15, the eve of Mexican Independence Day, the governors of each state wave the Mexican flag, and the crowd sings the national anthem. A parade, rodeos, bullfights, and other festivities follow the next day.

Day of the Dead. One of the biggest and most important holidays, the Day of the Dead merges Catholicism and pre-Columbian beliefs by honoring ancestors. It is celebrated in Cabo and throughout the nation. Elaborate altars pop up all over, including in main squares.

Buying a home in Los Cabos Puts You in the Middle of the Action

If you are thinking of buying a house in Los Cabos, let our knowledgeable real estate agents guide you. Each of our realtors is a longtime Cabo resident and can share all there is to know about the local food, culture, and communities of Los Cabos. Contact us anytime with your questions or to start house hunting.